Monday, March 25, 2013


Below is a letter I sent to the editor of my local newspaper.

article: Support Public registries for Animal
Abusers.Contact your representatives
asking them to enact an animal registry
in your state. Communities have good
reason to be concerned about the
whereabouts of animal abusers.In story
after heartbreaking story.Abusers repeat
their violent crimes against helpless
animals and often on to victimize people
as well. Mandatory registration and
community notification for convicted
animal abusers will make a dramatic
difference in keeping offenders away from
potential new victims by allowing animal
shelters and humane societies to more
thoroughly screen potential adopters and
by alerting the public to whereabouts of
dangerous abusers.In 1997 Boston's
Northeastern University and the MSPCA did
a study that found 70% of all animal
abusers have committed at least one other
crime and that 40% had committed violent
crimes against humans.Studies also found
that a history of animal abuse was found
in 25% of male criminals,30% of convicted
child molesters,and 36% of domestic
Violence cases and 46% of homicide
cases,30% of convicted child molesters
and 48% of convicted rapist admitted
animal cruelty their childhood. Let's
make a difference now. Keep your animals
and community safe by supporting the
petitions that will require animal
abusers to register with their
communities. For more information go to     
Tara Rose